PlayStation®Suite Calculator

     Sony has an open beta for the PlayStation®Suite SDK to create and test application for the PS Vita. So I decided to make a simple program to see what its like. I started making a simple calculator. This turned out to be a little challenging to make it the way I wanted. I want to give some help to others that want to make applications for the PS Vita. Here is a simple guide to setting up the developer environment and the source code to the calculator.

     First you need to download 2 things from Sony's website. On the developer page click try now this will bring you to the steps needed. Click the button "Go to download page" in step #1 read the agreement and click the button on the bottom "Download PS Suite SDK 0.98". Save the file "PSSuiteSDK_098.exe". Open PSSsuiteSDK_098.exe and install as you usually would.

     Then you need to grab your PS Vita open the browser and navigate to the deveoper page. Click the "Download" button in step #2 this will open the PlayStation®Store to the PlayStation®Suite Development Assistant(for Open Beta) page. Click the Download button its free. After it has downloded and installed you are ready to start developing software.

     You can start by opening the PssStudio on your PC. With your PS Vita connected via USB to your PC, start the PS Suite Dev on the PS Vita. Then in the PssStudio on your PC you can choose to start a new solution or open solution or file. Download and extract the calculator source code from here and open it in the PssStudio.

    To run the app on the PS Vita you need to change a setting in the PssStudio. In the toolbar to the far right there is an dropbox that has 2 options in that it has " Playstation Suite Simulator" and "PS Vita (##########)"  select PS Vita. Then to the left of the dropbox is a group of commands to debug applications. To the far left of this small group of 5 commands is an icon with 2 gears this is to start debugging.



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